ABC: A Strong Alternative to the Familiar Brands

While it’s always easy to go with that familiar name brand, sometimes the bottom line is more important that getting the brand that everyone knows. Finding effective alternatives that can do the job as well, if not better, can end up saving your company big dollars in the long run.



Here at Pay-LESS, we work with a company called ABC Compounding, Inc. that offers a comprehensive list of product offerings in the chemical cleaning solution field for a broad range of industries and use-cases. Whether it’s glass cleaner, a neutral disinfectant, or a foam degreaser you are looking for, ABC has solutions offered at a fraction of the cost of normal everyday brands that you know.



ABC also offers an eco-friendly line of cleaners called Earth Force Ltd. That includes floor care, general purpose, and industrial cleaners. If you’re the type of person who wants to stay on budget and not damage the environment while creating a safer workplace,  this is the line for you. Another unique feature that ABC offers is full service brand support. If you’re looking at wanting to place your company’s logo on the items you stock, there is a team that would gladly help you put that together as well.




Talk to your Pay-LESS rep today if you’re wanting to save money on that monthly Jan-San invoice and looking for some alternatives to handle those tougbht cleaning jobs that pop up every so often.