Winter Floor Woes

From your Pay-LESS Facility Maintenance Team

When it comes to winter, there are things we cannot control. Snow and ice are going to happen. This brings along other problems such as salt, sand and debris. These items can attack with a vengeance and destroy carpet and hard floors. 
In a proactive approach to harsh winters, we recommend making sure to apply the proper amount of floor finish to your floors during the fall months. When ice melt is used it can pool up and eat away at the finish. Ensuring the proper amount of finish is on the floors will give peace of mind when this occurs. 
Proper matting is also vital to catch and trap as much salt and snow as possible, before entering of the building. A good rule of thumb is to have 15’ of matting both inside and outside of the building to remove debris. Also, be sure to clean and switch out matting as needed to extend the life of the matting. 

Even with the best matting defense system, some snow and slush will make it into the building. For this, wet floors signs are critical. The next step is to remove any debris from carpet and hard floors. Again, salt on the floor will eat at the floor finish and chew up at the concrete. Auto scrubbing when available will be more effective than mopping, as it will pick up more salt and grit. Another option is a wet-dry vac. Once the floor is clear of debris, using a neutral cleaner, which neutralizes the pH of the floor, will lift the salt from the floor. This will also remove any haze look that the ice melt has caused on your floor. Taking these precautions as well as implementing a winter floor care plan will ensure safety and beauty to your building.