Office Desk Cleaning Tips

Office Desk Cleaning Tips

Maintaining the surrounding office is important, but your office desk should always the priority since it is where we spend the most of our time. A tidy desk means a tidy mind, and having a clean office space will set you up on the right path to working effectively.


1. Declutter and Organize: One thing many of us are guilty of is hoarding things on our desk. Containers from yesterday’s lunch, reports from 2 months ago, who knows. We put them there because it’s easier than putting them away, and a lot of the time half of what’s on our desk we don’t even need. Grab a bin, remain vigilant, and throw out the things you don’t have a purpose for. Any clutter will allow a buildup of dust and grime, and this makes your office space harder to clean. If you do genuinely need everything, make sure to organize it. Buy a desk folder or organizer, that way you can neatly arrange all your files on hand.


2. Disinfect: Between the lunch you might have accidentally spilt on your keyboard, or the time you sneezed all over your desktop, your electronics will most certainly harbor some nasty germs. If you’re going to touch these items on a daily basis, you’d want to know they’re clean, it’s more hygienic for you and the people around you. Simply grab a disinfecting wipe and give your keyboard, mouse, phone and desktop a good clean. For the keyboard, you can use folded post it notes to flick out any crumbs wedged between the keys. Following that, you’ll want to give every visible surface of your desk a wipe down.


3. Clean out drawers and cupboards: This is also a common spot for dirt and grime in your office space, and the longer you leave it the worst it gets. Set up a vacuum with a small pipe nozzle, and vacuum the dust hidden inside your office drawers. When you’re done, give the interior and exterior a wipe with warm water and soap to clean any stains or spills you might have from food or drinks.


4. Clean your chair: Think about where your derriere may have been before you plonked it on your office chair. After many weeks and months of returning to the same chair, it’s bound to get a little dirty. Give your office chair a good wipe and then get vacuuming. Vacuum not only the crevices of the chair but the chair itself, as there’s sure to be some dust hidden in there.

Whether you’re looking for sanitizing wipes or organization solutions for your desk space, Pay-Less has you covered. There is nothing better than coming into a desk that is cleaned, organized and ready to go every single morning. It helps you get down to business and gets you focused on the tasks at hand for the day.