The Power of a First Impression Tips

Making a positive first impression is incredibly important to any business. The lobby or reception area of the office gives your visitors insight into your culture and overall feel of your brand. Incorporate functionality, style, and surprise into the design for the best outcome.


1. Functionality

Determine how many visitors you receive on a regular basis. This area is usually very busy, and you need to make sure there is enough space for visitors to feel comfortable as they arrive and/or wait. Place chairs away from the door so guests don’t get cold from drafts. Choose furniture that won’t easily scuff. Ensure there are outlets near the furniture, so people can plug in their laptops and work while they wait, or for impromptu meetings.


2. Style
Decide what style you want to display to guests: Professional or edgy? Sleek or colorful? Comfy or modern? Spotlighting your logo can add a sophisticated look, while residential style furniture can make people feel relaxed. Bright bold colors will excite clients, while soft neutrals can have a calming effect. No matter what style you want reflected to your guests, making sure the area is clean and clutter-free is the most important aspect of the front office.


3. Surprise
Offer something unique to your visitors and guests. Making the space memorable within the first seconds of walking in will leave a lasting impression. Coffee and tea are always nice, but a candy station is unexpected (branded candy is even better) and reflective of a fun and young atmosphere. Consider incorporating an electronic welcome sign greeting expected clients. Providing your guests something of a “wow” factor will ensure their visit, and your company, will be unforgettable.




Truly the best way to know if your reception area is making a perfect first impression is by putting yourself in your client’s shoes. Take a moment to sit in your lobby, taking in all the sights and sounds and start there.


Still need help in determining? Don’t worry, PayLESS Office Furniture is always happy to provide a consultation regarding planning any part of your office space.