The Organized Desk

Keep things out of the way but close at hand

Get organized and stay organized. Make sure your office supplies and materials are fully stocked and available at hand. You will find that nothing is more destructive to efficiency and effectiveness than having to start a job and then stop, and then start again, for lack of proper preparation or supplies.

People who work with cluttered desks, are found to spend an enormous amount of each working day looking for the materials they need among the clutter around them. Psychologically, the sight of a cluttered desk or office provides visual subconscious feedback that reinforces your perception that you are disorganized. It leads to continuous distraction as your eyes and your attention dart from item to item, and back again. Removing clutter and gaining clarity in life are essential to performing at maximum capacity.


Tool rails offer an easy-to-use system for organizing paper management, office supplies and media. Organization tools available to hang on tool rails include pencil cups, trays, dividers, binder shelves, phone stands and more. Tool rails keep the worksurface free from clutter

When you follow these tips for yourself, at the very least, clear your workspace by putting everything on the credenza behind you, or on the floor, or even in boxes, you will be amazed at how much more productive you are as the result of simple cleanliness and a well-ordered workspace. After you’ve implemented these techniques, your personal and business success will manifest quicker than you ever imagined. You’ll also notice that energy flows better in your space and you can concentrate more easily on setting and achieving your goals.