Thinking Inside and Outside the Box

I think almost everyone remembers as a child choosing their next box of cereal based on the graphics on the box and the awesome prize we dug to the bottom to retrieve.  In fact, I’m pretty sure I still have a few Post Brand baseball cards floating around my house!  As adults, we’re still wired to look at the packaging of everyday items we purchase and are given.  We see value in companies that take the extra efforts to offer a clear message about the product, who they are and what they do within the packaging. The promotional industry has recognized this and is growing the packaging segment.   
We spend a significant amount of time & resources choosing the right promotional products for our company.  Did we choose an item that conveys our image?  Will my clients & customers find value in the items chosen?  Is this the latest trend within the industry?  Am I spending my budget wisely?   So much time, money and care is put into the creation of these products.  Many companies don’t consider the impact that packaging can make on branded merchandise.  Are you missing an opportunity to think outside the box and create an experience with your brand? More products are being offered with packaging options that are customizable and affordable! 
You may be thinking that packaging is a waste of time.  The box will get opened and thrown away - you’re right.  It will get thrown out, but there’s a missed opportunity to explain who you are and the value you offer to the world. Packages can create engagement through images of your work, display a company mascot, images of staff at work, or tell a story.  Packaging can also make the promotional item have a higher perceived value.  Companies hand out branded materials all the time, but when you give someone a branded item that tells your story, you’ve created an experience!