The Power of Branded Apparel

The Power of Branded Apparel

The thought of implementing a dress code or ordering corporate apparel can seem overwhelming. It feels like there is always one person that doesn’t care for the apparel chosen or you’re consumed with trying to find the right fit for everyone. Sound familiar? Yep, we understand. We hear this a lot from customers that are beginning to build or changing their apparel program. We’ve got some tricks to alleviate pain points and help you understand the power of branded apparel.

On occasion, staff may need apparel to represent your company outside the office. Sporting events, trade shows & sales calls are just a few opportunities. It’s important that employees are brand ambassadors and represent your common goal or service with a uniform. This can improve customer interactions, make staff clearly identifiable and establish a professional impression.

Communicate company culture through your threads. Some offices require a snazzy button-down shirt. Others get the job done in t-shirts & sweatshirts. Many will find that polos are the answer - maybe you need all of these! Clothing should speak to your audience about what you do and how you get the job done! Maybe it depends on the situation?

Chances are that employees are going to wear their branded apparel on personal time. This is an opportunity for staff to strike up a conversation about where they work and what they do. Employees become walking billboards for your brand!


Tips for creating a successful program:

  • Consider the needs of your staff. What’s their roll with the company and is the apparel appropriate for the job they do?
  • Ask your sales rep for advice on brand offerings and market trends.
  • Build options to meet everyone’s needs. Source multiple styles in the same color choices. Consider styles that have tall options too.
  • Request samples to make sure the style, color and fit are going to meet the needs of staff and convey your message.
  • Talk to your Pay-LESS sales rep about decoration methods. Embroidery & screen printing are the most common decoration, but there are many more options that may make your logo pop!
  • Check out other opportunities to brand. Accessorize with items such as caps, scarves, bags & jackets.
  • Gather employee requests using an order form, or ask your Pay-LESS sales rep about creating a web store for staff to order clothes securely online.

Just like the apparel you wear while cheering on your favorite sports team, there’s a sense of pride in wearing your corporate colors/logo too! Naturally, employees that feel they belong will have more interest and loyalty. Corporate apparel will bring your office together creating a team atmosphere, promote communication and cooperation. Contact your Pay-LESS sales rep to start the conversation and make branded apparel part of your corporate identity!