Why Choose Us

Chances are, we already work with you and have for years!

We know who you are and know what you do.  We live in your community, and understand the challenges you have in growing your brand.

We LOVE what we do!

You have a dedicated sales rep that will be there to assist you in all of your promotional/apparel needs.

We use suppliers we trust to get the job done right and on time.  

We’ve got a super support team!  They’re here not only for you, but also behind the scenes making sure all the dots are connecting!

Product delivery— Majority of the items are either shipped UPS or by your very own Pay-LESS driver that you already know and trust!

We’re creative and fun. 

We work hard to think outside the box and strive to come up with new items that will turn heads.  We want to make your brand STAND OUT.

We care about your brand.  Pay-LESS knows you work hard to make yourself SEEN and HEARD!  We love it and respect it.

We pass along best pricing whenever we can.  If our vendors offer discounts, we pass them along to you.  It’s only fair, our customer’s helped us get to the best pricing available.

We’re upfront and honest.  We’re not out “make a sale”, we’re here as advisors & friends.  We’ll always tell you if there’s a better bang for your buck or a better quality item available.

There are marketing products for every budget.  We’ll make sure that you get the BEST—no matter what it is!

"You guys did amazing! Honestly I wasn’t expecting the orders for a while but they showed up super-fast and everything was great! Thank you for handling this for me!" — Lauren B., Rehirg Pacific Company